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There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.​

Case Studies

Robert Whittaker started Purple Coaching & Consulting after spending more than a decade running a successful landscaping company and then building up a muli-million dollar fence company, Magnolia Fence & Patio in Fort Worth, Texas.

Through his successes (and failures), Robert has gained a unique perspective in the contractor world and honed a skill for building winning teams. Through Purple Coaching & Consulting, Robert and the Purple Team have been able to help other contractors grow their revenue and profits, build winning teams, develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), monitor and translate KPIs, and help to reframe challenges into opportunities.

Paradise Lawn & Landscape was the first “real” business Robert started and ran. While the lemonade stands and mowing businesses on the side were “real” to him, they did not operate the way any true business owner would expect. Launching Paradise Lawn & Landscape was the first go at a business of scale. From zero to 3.5 million when he sold it in 2011 before leaving Lubbock, Texas he learned a lot. Looking back, the lessons learned were so painful and costly he was determined to share his story so other entrepreneurs can get to where they are going faster.

MG Lawn & Landscape was originally founded by twin Michael Whittaker. After a few years of running it as a sole proprietorship, Michael & Robert Whittaker partnered in 2011. Together they scaled their landscape business from 400K in yearly revenue to over 7 million dollars in 2023 when they sold the business in a successful exit. Along the way, they scaled both MG Lawn & Landscape and Magnolia Fence & Patio while losing focus on their relationship. Managing partnerships and letting the “busy” or being a business owner take over. We are grateful to say our relationship and partnership is now are stronger than ever because of these experiences in the past. We believe we can strengthen partnerships so they can WORK with all of our experience we have in what doesn’t work.

Still, owner-operator Robert Whittaker has built an amazing team to run the day-to-day operations. Robert Whittaker runs the Purple Sales DAWG’s Team and is still actively involved in the strategic leadership of the company. From zero to over 8 million in less than 10 years, we are proud to be where we are. It’s predictable, we make profits and have a lot of fun doing it. We believe in changing the way clients view contractors through exceptional experiences and our TEAM is all in and aligned with the vision.

We successfully acquired an operating RV Park in Rockport, Texas. The park also included an LNG filling station, bar, restaurant, and storage. Our strategy is a 5-year hold with a 10% cap exit.

We focus on boutique construction and high-end masonry projects, including statues and memorials. Our focus is on putting the customer’s goals first, one job at a time.

Podcast Sessions

A Trusted Partner In Success

Purple Coaching & Consulting has worked with so many amazing teams across the country. From start-ups to multi-million dollar construction groups we have the team in place to help you scale. We are more than a coach & consulting group. We also have fractional C-Suite options depending on needs.

The Purple Library

Welcome to our curated reading corner, The Purple Library! Here, you’ll find a collection of books that we highly recommend for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of business. Whether you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or are looking to sharpen your existing business acumen, these books offer valuable insights, strategies, and inspiration to help you navigate the complex world of business.

Dive into these reads and arm yourself with knowledge to push your business forward and achieve new heights of success. Happy reading!


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