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About Us

Robert Whittaker is the founder of Purple Coaching & Consulting. With a rich history of entrepreneurship, Robert launched his career by steering a thriving landscaping business, followed by Magnolia Fence & Patio – a ZERO-to-multi-million dollar success story in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. His journey through the highs and lows has not only shaped his expertise but also ignited his passion for the contractor industry.

At Purple Coaching & Consulting, Robert, alongside the energetic Purple Team, dedicates his experience to empowering other contractors. We’re not just about growing your revenue and profits; we’re about creating dynamic teams, refining processes, and turning every challenge into a stepping stone for success. From developing crystal-clear standard operating procedures to decoding and leveraging KPIs, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready for the next level in your business? Connect with Purple Coaching so we can help you reframe challenges into opportunities, ensuring your business not only grows but truly thrives.

Certifications & Awards

Here are a few of the certifications and awards we’ve been honored to achieve through Purple Coaching & Consulting and Magnolia Fence & Patio.

  • DiSC Authorized Partner
  • 5 Behaviors Authorized Partner
  • EOE – Entrepreneur of Excellence
    • Finalist 2 times and Winner in 2019
  • AFA Member for 10 years
  • AFA Chair and Committee Head
  • FWA Member
  • Best of Fort Worth 6 Times Running
  • Best of 76107 and 76108
  • Expertise Award
  • Angie’s List Best in Class
  • EO Member since 2019
  • TCEQ Irrigators Lic in Texas 18637 since 2009
  • TCEQ Irrigators LIC in Texas 023402
  • TDA License 072225
  • RRC License Category I
  • MMC 25 Ton Master

Our Services

Our coaching and consulting services are the perfect way to take control of your time, get help defining the key aspects of your mission, define and monitor KPIs, increase your revenue, and much more.

Boiling down the coaching and consulting services essentially includes a “Vision Day,” Quarterly Mission Meet-ups, Weekly Meetings, Sales “Huddle & Hustle” sessions, and having your back at every turn. Providing you the support, encouragement, and direction to accomplish more while loving every minute of it!

Check out How We Work for more details.

“C-Suite” refers to a company’s chief officers (top-level management). This includes CEO, CFO, COO, and others. 

We offer Fractional C-Suite Services to help supplement for labor shortages, offset overhead costs, and keep you from switching your hat so many times throughout the day. These services are additional cost and determined based off size and growth strategy.

Here are a few of the C-Suite Services that you can add to your coaching and consulting plan:

  • Bookkeeping: We can help organize your books, maintain your books, and give you monthly financial analysis.

  • Human Resources: We can help onboard employees, host meetings, provide one-on-one training, and hire/terminate as needed.

  • Automations: We are quickly becoming experts at JobNimbus. This includes helping companies sync with QuickBooks, integrate workflows and scheduling, and more. We’ve helped several companies set up their automation and workflow, and we would love to help with yours, too.

Why Choose Purple Coaching?

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Clients Who Now Love Their Business

The Purple Team

Robert Whittaker

Robert's Bio Summary

Robert Whittaker is the founder and visionary of Purple Coaching & Consulting. He is obsessed with helping others grow their business, take control of their time and get them what they want out of life. His certifications, training,  accomplishments, and constant eagerness to learn more have led him to a successful career in helping others. From working in your business, to on your business, you now have someone as dedicated as you are. His goal is always to be the other “you” in your business. Nominated three times and winner of the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award, he has shown consistency and determination to excel.

PHONE: (817) 995-0394
EMAIL: robert@purplecoaching.com

Michael Whittaker

Michael's Bio Summary

After a successful career in the landscape world, Michael took a Coaching role in 2023 with twin Robert Whittaker. Michael brings a lot to the meetings – from experience shares to labor and operations expertise and more. After selling his company for a 7-figure exit, he has a new outlook on what is most important. He is determined to make sure each owner and leader within your company is not alone when making tough decisions. From session to risk management and more, he has your back. He has a particular interest in working with companies looking to get to 4 million dollars and is your go-to coach for tactical day-to-day questions.

PHONE: (817) 888-6993
EMAIL: michael@purplecoaching.com

Crystal Hines

Crystal's Bio Summary

Crystal has an extensive bookkeeping background, experience with JobNimbus, and expertise in many other programs related to construction. She knows numbers, is excellent at executing “to-dos,” and moves quickly to complete tasks. She is a key team member in both Magnolia Fence & Patio and Purple Coaching & Consulting. She handles the onboarding process, JobNimbus operations, QuickBooks management, and helps with scheduling. She will be your point of contact for files, links, and how-tos.

PHONE: (817) 313-8114
EMAIL: crystal@purplecoaching.com

Jordan Domiquez

Jordan's Bio Summary

Jordan has been working with Robert for 10 years. We knew she would be a perfect fit to be the voice behind the phone and the smile everyone needs at Purple Coaching. Her background is in taking care of people. Literally, that is what she was trained to do, and she loves talking to everyone we work with. When asked about her favorite part of her job it was simple: “I love talking to people and connecting with them. Even though I don’t meet many of these people, I feel like we are friends.” Jordan runs our client relations at Magnolia Fence & Patio and is Robert Whittaker’s Executive Assistant. She fills all the shoes as needed to get everyone’s back.

EMAIL: jordan@magnoliafenceco.com

A Trusted Partner In Success

Purple Coaching & Consulting has worked with so many amazing teams across the country. From start-ups to multi-million dollar construction groups we have the team in place to help you scale. We are more than a coach & consulting group. We also have fractional C-Suite options depending on needs.